Island Gully Falls, Ocho Rios- All You Need To Know.


Smack in the cool hills of Ocho Rios, overlooking the St. Ann/St. Mary border, this calming cascade is undoubtedly the perfect get away for the young, the youthful and the ‘old’. Whether you’re seeking some R&R or just responding to the sharp bite of the adventure bug (or simply not in the mood to be basic), Island Gully Falls  provides an authentic off the beaten path experience.

Getting There

From Ocho Rios’ main hub the town center the falls is pretty easy to locate. If you are driving, see detailed directions here. If you’re commuting, a cab heading in the direction of Lodge from the transport center will do (I paid $300 JMD). Be sure to advise the cab driver of your intended destination, indicating that you’d like to stop at the JPS plant. Once there, follow the dirt path all the way until you see the sign displaying “Island Gully Falls”.

Follow the road until you see this sign. 
On your way to Island Gully Falls, you will pass some place called ‘Blue Hole’. Never heard of it (honestly, truly), but you must past this overhead canal to get to the falls.
At the Falls

Admission to the falls and facilities costs $500 JMD for locals and $15 USD for non-residents. This admission cost is inclusive of an optional life vest and a guided tour, by one of the well-trained guides available. (I strongly recommend you request either Stefan or Glenn as your guide providing they’re available). Be reminded that it is a requirement that a liability waiver form be signed upon entry, outlining that all activities are undertaken at your own risk, and you’re responsible for your injury or death. (Bitch don’t kill my vibe.)

Me finally Jumping after a few seconds of being a punk. 
Enjoy the falls with the peace of mind knowing that fully equipped and well maintained restrooms and changing rooms (dem clean an smell good to) are on at your disposal. For drivers if parking is your worry then here’s good news; free parking is available on the property for all guests. Those who might have concerns regarding storage and the safety of personal items (like I did), there is a monitored storage room for its intended purpose. Following the tour where you’re escorted by the guide to various segments of the cascade, you’re free to return and enjoy the natural wonder on your own accord.

The tour begins at this spot, after which the guide takes you to your first jump.


Lastly, the guide is free but gratuity is very much appreciated by the guides. (People who don’t tip the guides tief ppl tings an help dem look for it). So leave your cowardice at home, pack your daredevil and have a grand time at Island Gully Falls.

Full view of the cascade from the point at which the tour ends. 
Oh don’t mind me. Just being basic as usual 🙂

If you have additional questions which weren’t answered in this post, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email ( or leave it in the comments section!

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