Travelling With…. Julian Forte

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Photo: Julian Forte

Having competed in Paris, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, and London, its Monaco that has lived up best to its hype, according to our next guest. Currently in London for the IAAF World Athletics Championships, Julian Forte shares how things really are when he travels. 

Q: When preparing to leave for competition abroad, what do you pack first?
Julian: The first thing I pack is my competition gear.
Q: What are some items and travel accessories that are absolute must haves when traveling?
Julian: Absolute must haves are my toothbrush, underwear, cell phone, money and cologne.
Q: Given your strict diet as an athlete, how difficult is it to eat healthy and clean while you’re abroad competing?
Julian: It can be difficult to eat healthy when traveling because a lot of times unfamiliar food is provided. So us athletes find the nearest McDonald’s.
Q: You’ve competed in several idealistic destinations; namely Beijing, Barcelona and Paris, but what are some other cities on your bucket list you’re eager to check off?
Julian:  I would like to see Dubai, Cairo, Santorini.
Q: How do you handle timezone changes? Do you prepare for it beforehand, or are you the type to get into the groove of things after landing?
Julian: I get acclimatized after landing, try not to sleep in the day when I land.
Q: Name one city that most lived up to its hype ?
Julian: Monaco
Q: How would you categorize yourself as a traveler, Happy and Mellow, over it before boarding the flight, can’t wait to fall asleep on the flight, or the “are we still flying?” Type?
Julian: Definitely the “are we still flying?” type.
Q: Being an athlete part of your regular routine includes a lot of traveling. How do you overcome Jet lag, and is it something you’ve gotten used to?
Julian: Not something I’ve gotten used to, but it definitely isn’t as bad as it once was. You just have to get acclimatized.
Q: Where in Jamaica is your go to spot for a day trip?
Julian: I don’t have any specific go to spots, where ever looks interesting works for me.
Q: Describe your most laughably embarrassing travel memory?
Julian: Racing with an old man to get to the bathroom on the plane. I allowed him to win.
Q: Window seat or aisle seat, or you’re not the fussy type?
Julian: Preferably window, just not the middle.
Q: Strangest thought while aboard an aircraft?
Julian: Don’t think I’ve had any.
Q: What is that one travel memory you cherish the most, which doesn’t necessarily include competition?
Julian: Traveling on a private jet for the first time.
Q: In a few weeks, you’ll be heading to London, outside of doing well at the World Championships, what else does your itinerary include for the hub of the U.K?
Julian: Getting some pictures and videos of popular landmarks and places in London.

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