Meet Nicholas Martin, creator and founder behind The Jamaican Abroad, on a  mission to highlight the experiences which entail being a Jamaican in a foreign country. Cutting and pasting the similarities and differences between my cultural background and that of other countries, this journey will prove that Jamaicans are biologically wired to adapt in any situation or county.

While capturing pieces of Jamaica abroad, I also seek to uncover the uncommon truth that borders are imaginary geographical constructs that we’ve created as people to coexist.  Under the theme ‘no borders’ allow me to demonstrate that we are equipped to break down barriers such as language and culture and exist in other lands like locals do.

Follow me around the the world and let’s do it like the Romans do in Rome, dance to Bachata like the Dominicans, and if you’re up for the challenge let’s dance to Samba like the Brazilians. But how quick are you? Try to run as fast as us Jamaicans, and if you’re quick enough you’ll be speaking the Shona language like Zimbabweans, or making Burritos like Mexicans. In no time you’ll find you’re as friendly as the Balinese people of Indonesia. Let’s go!